Okay.  This butter is my absolute favorite!  It absorbs into your skin quickly  and is rich in vitamins A, C and E.  This butter is so light and airy and fluffy that you will want to use it all day!  It is scentless, so it really carries the different scents that we mix into it well.  

simply me whipped mango body butter

  • Because simply me body butters are made with all natural and organic ingredients, there is always the potential for the product to become "grainy".  This is due to the molecular makeup of the natural and organic butters heating up or cooling down at a fast rate than the other ingredients included in the product.  No worries, though!  This should be expected with all natural and organic products because we do not use synthetic materials or harsh chemicals in our products.  If you experience a grainy feel with your butters, simply rub it on your skin or in between your hands.  The heat from your hands and/or body will melt the grainy butter once it contacts your skin.  And the creamy goodness of the cocoa butter will continue to moisturize your skin.  simply.