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Natural Soap

Simply Me
Inspirationally Created

Handcrafted Bath, Body, and Spa Products

simply me Favorites

Simply Luxurious Body Butters

Body butter.  This is the perfect product to moisturize your skin.  Our all natural and organic products are just the touch needed to provide the exact mixture of amazingly hydrating and nutrient ingredients that will leave your skin soft. 

sm - Ingredient Pic.jpg

Simply Fabulous Whipped Soaps and Scrubs

Nothing could be better than to begin your daily routine with one of the many simply me soap products.  A definite fan favorite is our whipped foaming bath soap (or foaming soap scrub).  It is a soft, luxurious and moisturizing soap that will make you feel pampered.  This product has rightfully earned its place as a simply me favorite.  It is one of our top sellers!  Click below and check out some of the product lines!

Inspired to be simple

At simply me, we strive to create the best combinations of natural and organic bath, body, and spa products that provide you with the perfect blending of daily cleansing and moisturizing while giving you a little renewal and inspiration at the same time.  Our products are handmade and are simply awesome!  And we strive to eliminate the harsh ingredients that are simply not good or necessary.  Not only that, simply me is all about lotions and butters and soaps...but we also include a little inspiration with every product line that keeps us grounded in our faith.  We hope you will find these inspirational pieces as renewing as we do!

"simply me products are fabulous!  It leaves my skin so soft, smooth, and hydrated.  I highly recommend these products.

Veronica - Ovilla, texas
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